Sunday, September 21, 2014

Importance of Education

Have you ever wondered or ever thought about what's the main reason in going to school? Perhaps, this might be a very silly question yet most of us forgot the main purpose why we are her e anyway... and that's none other than to learn in order to attain educational, moral and spiritual growth. Our parents send us to school so that we can gain knowledge through going to school every day because it is a part of our life as a student. You spent sleepless nights through the entire grading periods and trough trials you have triumphed. Some if not most of us will continue in college the course which we have planned to take. You will uphold the schools' tradition... to survive and succeed and bring the name of your school to the fore.

Education is very important. Why? Because it was the only treasure that cannot steal by anyone. You will not be underestimated by other people because you have the knowledge.

This is the case wherein one may not misread their future. You have visions or ought to have visions for our future. Sometimes though, we deliberately paint our visions at the spur of the moment, and we see a different picture not consistent with our achievement and preparations. Learning is fun but most people do it boring...maybe because we aren't trying hard to learn...maybe because we forget the main reason why we're here...or maybe because the teachers who are teaching us are boring or their way of teaching reaches to a point that we just can't understand what we are supposed to learn since they are just too fast, or sometimes we can't understand them at all. Studying can be fun, if you really want to learn...We are not here in school just to chat or waste our time. We are here to study and to learn in order for us to do big things in this big world. So maybe you could ask yourself now what's your purpose in going to school. We are never here to waste our time; we are here in school for our sake; for our future's sake.

However, you should know that your school instilled in you the character and mental preparation need to succeed in college. Your school has given you a very solid foundation in education, and we are certain that you will succeed in the next higher level of education.

The most important threshold in the life of the student is the transition from High School to College. It is at this stage in life that you have to decide where to place your right foot for better leverage in the challenges that lie ahead. This is where your value system will play a major rule in the way you decide for whatever you think will be good for you. The foundations of education and the structures of your personality have been laid. We had fun and sorrows. We had satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Through all that, we were and had been, we will be better persons if we learn from our experiences. To learn how to walk is to learn how to stumble, to learn to fly is to learn to fall. Face your future with courage.

Let's make it for ourselves and for the world. Life is full of challenges, and we must attain more knowledge that in turn would help us to strive more and do our best in everything we do and say...outside or inside or anywhere, achieving our goals must be put into our minds and must take actions in interpreting them...In such a way, we could be of use in the right and proper sense in the eyes of society.

As you start your professional and vocational training in the next higher educational level, do not forget three things: be serious, be equipped and be committed.

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